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For several years a long debate that has been going on regarding the importance of an attractive, user friendly and mobile oriented website, capable of converting visits into business opportunities. What is certain is that no matter how you put it, there is a crucial point that determines the success of a website or a web app: the ability to engage users in a relevant and meaningful experience. Technically it is called engagement rate. It is the metric impacted by a whole series of components: UX, UI, content, loading speed, relevance to the target audience. But also other elements that can now be added thanks to new technologies capable of making the experience more evolved, immersive and interactive.


The most interesting solutions are:

  • Virtual and augmented reality modules that can be used directly from the web page, They can be used to  create product configurators, product try-outs, to create virtual agents or to simulate real, past, or fantasy settings.
  • Modules to interact with people and objects, or solutions to talk to expert operators, other users, artificial intelligence and chatbots, or to interact with physical installations.
  • Advanced game solutions, maps, chats or to create dedicated custom-made applications.
  • Virtual stores, evolved storytelling in augmented reality or live events either completely virtual or hybrid that can become real shows.


No compromised. Learning by doing. Without delaying too much, the best thing is to just get started. Engage in proper conception and executive design, then develop and go online. Too much of a rush? No. A new mutation of the web is underway, and it is yet to be written. There will be a time and way to refine, an adoption curve, and by observing the behavior of users, who willingly participate in these new engagement opportunities. They are powerful solutions, which you can start easily without having to download an app. All you need is a link, a banner, or a QR code printed or projected somewhere.


It is not about that. Of course it is also wow. Like a spark or a trigger. But there is much more than that. The level of experience and interface are significantly more engaging, and this translates into a more satisfying use, with high engagement and learning curves. The famous engagement rate.

Rita D'Agostino


OSC Innovation
Marketing & New Business Development Advisor

Marketing, Digital & New Technologies Leader. Data Activist. 15+ yrs Int. experience in marketing, digital and big data. Rita has served in global, rapidly evolving, highly-competitive business environments, driving the digital acceleration plan and bringing high value solutions. CMO at SEGRON, leader in the test automation industry. Founder of GrowHub, agency partner who help innovative Brands to achieve growth through innovation.

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